Heide Housing-Association

Client: Private
Address: Sportplatzweg Ora
Completed: June 2009
Construction time 30 months
Artistic intervention: Martin Pohl

Photo: Augustin Ochsenreiter, Rene Riller


The task is to construct a building that meets the contemporary demands of modern living. A residential complex that has ecological and economic qualities, that follows a clear logic constructively and functionally, and that articulates itself as sophisticated contemporary architecture. In our design process, we have fundamentally rethought and challenged the urban planning guidelines and housing models with which we are familiar.

The result is a building that articulates and explains itself independently. The building bridges the urbanistic division of residential units into terraced houses and flats and presents itself as a homogeneous structure that inherently takes all the advantages of the individual building types and develops them further towards greater generosity.

The basic idea of the design is to build duplex apartments on the ground and first floors, which function as autonomous residential units. On the second floor there are spacious apartments accessed via an arcade. These apartments have a private patio through which the bedrooms are lit and ventilated. This means that it is not necessary to have windows facing the pergola. All apartments will also have a spacious south-facing terrace. The residential units on the ground floor have their own private entrance on the east side and a private garden on the west side of the property. On the ground floor there is a very spacious living room with light on both sides and a covered terrace and garden to the front. A recessed and seemingly closed projecting cube, which houses the daytime toilet, acts as a privacy screen between the residential units. The natural terrain to the south allows natural light into the basement, which is used as additional living space. The bedrooms are on the first floor. This part cantilevers over the ground floor and covers the terrace below.


Ground floor plan

Architekten Monsorno Trauner


Floor plan first floor

Architekten Monsorno Trauner


Floor plan second floor

Architekten Monsorno Trauner