Warehouse with office wing

Graphic design LOGO: Monsorno Trauner Architekten
Client: Lona srl
Address: Industrial zone Plattl Ora
Completion: June 2009
Construction time: 24 months

Photo: Rene Riller


Our design responds to the existing influx factors. The staircase in front of the building on the east side is visible from the street, it operates as an eye-catcher, increases orientation and protects the parking and shunting area from noise. The inner courtyards on the office floor allow natural lighting and ventilation without street noise. All workplaces can be cross-ventilated through the inner courtyards.

All windows are divided into light windows and ventilation windows. The light windows are fixed glazings that present the main functions of the office to the outside (reception, office and meeting room). The ventilation windows are small and have front-mounted perforated sheet cladding, which emphasises the introverted appearance of the building.


Floor plan

Architekten Monsorno Trauner