Residential building Hohlweg

Client: PPP (public private partnership)
Address: Hohlweg 6

Visualisation: ROCOCOON


The residential complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the village centre. The location is quiet and very well developed. On the south side, the view opens up into the upper village up to the historic ensemble of St. Mary's Church.

The existing historic natural stone walls will be extended around the property. Inside, a high-quality park with loose organic planting will be created. The ground floor flats open onto the garden on both sides. The upper floors are designed as towers. The size and dimensions of the buildings are oriented towards the surrounding development of single-family houses. The entire residential complex appears introverted and exclusive.

All flats on the ground floor are lit on both sides, with terraces in front. Each flat has a private entrance, is built without columns and has differentiated room heights. All rooms are lit by daylight and are wheelchair-accessible.

The upper floor is vertically oriented, each flat has windows in all four directions. The principle of less is more is consistently implemented here.