Residential house

Client: Private
Address: Via Arena Prato allo Stelvio
Completion: December 2005
Construction time: 18 months

Photo: Augustin Ochsenreiterr


Old fruit trees, rough-plastered walls and the weathered wooden facades of the barn define the site, which is close to the centre of the village. A play between inside and outside characterises the areas of the residential building. Each interior space is extended by an exterior space appropriate to its use. Almost equal amounts of terrace space enrich the individual functions of the residential building. All outdoor spaces are covered to protect them from the weather. Transparent architecture and introverted areas alternate. Views are opened up, tensions are created. The family atmosphere is always bright and varied. 

The private residence is divided into three levels, each of which follows a clear design idea: The ground floor is generously glazed and opens onto the surrounding garden. The ceiling of the upper floor cantilevers over the glazing of the ground floor, protecting it from rain and snow. This overhang also provides a sheltered walkway around the house or a covered ramp down to the basement. The living area extends into the garden, with natural vegetation, plants and fruit trees defining the visual boundary. 

The night area of the house is located in the attached cube. This is introverted and built without direct viewing windows on the facade. The individual bedrooms are lit and ventilated through three loggias, which are fully glazed towards the interior of the building. The attic contains a guest room with shower and a study. The last large terrace faces south and offers views over the roofs of Prato to the Stelvio.